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Video Surveillance for Business

If you want to know how important video surveillance cameras are to business security, just ask a burglar. A recent study of more than 400 burglars revealed that as part of a business security system, video is the most effective deterrent against burglary and business intrusion.
Video surveillance cameras should be included in your business security system not only as a deterrent, but also as a way to help apprehend and convict burglars. Video feeds captured on disk or tape often become evidence that can be used to put a criminal behind bars. It’s an extra measure of self-defense, especially since burglars generally prefer to move to an easier target.
 When your AVS Special Systems Inc. business security package includes video surveillance cameras as an option, it allows us to be even more effective as your 24-hour monitoring solution. Add Live Video business automation to your security package and you’ll have remote access to your cameras through any smartphone, tablet or computer. Imagine being able to monitor video feeds or change camera angles from almost anywhere in the world.
Video cameras can give you greater peace of mind. To learn more, let us put you in touch with a local AVS Special Systems Inc. dealer today. Your dealer understands the benefits of video surveillance on your property as part of burglary deterrence, as well as the additional safety benefits that video surveillance offers.
See with your own eyes that your business is secure.
Live Video® lets you watch secure live and recorded video of your property at any time on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Security cameras at business are a proven deterrent to break-ins; In a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, nearly 60% of convicted burglars surveyed said they consider the presence of cameras when deciding on a house to rob.
Receive a captured still image of your property whenever motion is detected
Get text or email alerts with clip or picture attachments to notify you when your cameras record motion activity
Access a searchable library of recorded video clips
Keep track of activity around the house: use your smartphone to see when your child left and returned business from school, see who knocked on your door during the day, or see when packages are delivered

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