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Secure Wireless Communication

Affordable Secure Wireless Communications

With any system our customers purchase, we offer our cellular backup/secure wireless communication add-on at an affordable price they can feel good about.
 It’s a reliable, cost-effective solution for those who live in the digital age 
– and want their home security system to live in it too.
For more information on secure wireless communications or cellular backup, 
contact AVS Special Systems to request a free security analysis.

Cellular Backup for Land Line Owners

Of course, those who still utilize land lines can benefit from cellular backup as well. 
Cut phone lines and power outages are realities that no family wants to be unprepared for. 
At AVS Special Systems, we urge every customer using a landline for their 
security communications to incorporate cellular backup as a valuable preventative measure.
Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines are vanishing at an alarming rate. 

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