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AVS El Paso
AVS El Paso

Racks and Cable Management Solutions

Wall and Floor Mount Racks

We offer a wide selection of floor and wall mount racks to accommodate small rooms, closets and regulation size Telecom Rooms. They are easy to assemble, made of durable materials and designed to support large amounts of cable and heavy equipment. For a wall mount solution, choose from a variety of hinged wall mount brackets, fixed frame wall mount racks, swing gate wall mount racks. 

Cable Managers


Make your installation look neat and organized with cable managers. We offer horizontal and vertical cable managers that are designed to be installed on wall and floor mount racks. Choose from a wide selection of styles; such as finger duct, plastic ring and metal ring panels. We also offer vertical cable managers for routing large amounts of cable vertically.

Phone + Video + Data

Our voice module provides phone connectivity for up to 8 locations. It supports up to 4 incoming phone lines and up to 8 extensions per line. Our CATV module distributes high quality video for televisions, satellite, and cable for up to 6 locations. Our data module supports multi-user computer networking and high speed internet for up to 8 locations.

Structured Wiring Enclosure Combos

Project made simple. All ICC residential enclosure combos come with a door. These combos also include phone, video and optional data modules. The door and modules are packed individually for installation at a later time.

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