Security Isn’t Expensive,

It’s Priceless

Security Isn’t Expensive,

It’s Priceless

For Your Home, Establishment, or Business!

Intrusion Alarm System Monitoring

Intrusion Alarm Systems & Monitoring

With any system our customers purchase, we offer our cellular backup/secure wireless communication add-on at an affordable price they can feel good about. It’s a reliable, cost-effective solution for those who live in the digital age – and want their home security system to live in it too.
Cellular Backup for Land Line Owners. Of course, those who still utilize land lines can benefit from cellular backup as well. Cut phone lines and power outages are realities that no family wants to be unprepared for. At AVS Special Systems, we urge every customer using a landline for their security communications to incorporate cellular backup as a valuable preventative measure. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines are vanishing at an alarming rate.

Fire Alarm Systems, Yearly Inspection, & Monitoring

AVS Special Systems provides fire detection and fire alarm solutions for commercial buildings, industrial plants, retail stores, airports and school campuses. As a partner with Life Safety, we provide a diversified line of quality fire detection and alarm control solutions including: smoke detection and notification, conventional fire alarm panels, analog addressable systems, and advanced network and integration packages.

When it comes to fire protection and life safety, experience counts. The experts in our fire systems division will build a comprehensive fire protection program for your business with a central focus on consulting, expert design, code compliance, professional installation, preventative maintenance, and inspection service to meet your commercial insurance requirements.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm System
Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras – Analog or Network

AVS Special Systems Video combines the power of the internet with IP video technology to securely store and manage your video offsite in a protected, secure environment so it will be available to you whenever you need it on any device connected to the internet. Gone are the days of expensive and unreliable DVRs, AVS Special Systems ‘s cloud-based system delivers all your video directly to a secure data center using your existing broadband infrastructure.
When your AVS Special Systems Inc. business security package includes video surveillance cameras as an option, it allows us to be even more effective as your 24-hour monitoring solution. Add Live Video business automation to your security package and you’ll have remote access to your cameras through any smartphone, tablet or computer. Imagine being able to monitor video feeds or change camera angles from almost anywhere in the world. Video cameras can give you greater peace of mind.

Card Access Controls

Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your needs. We provide a complete line of access devices including RF controls, card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements.

Card Access Controls
Phone and PA Systems

Phone & PA Systems

Telecor manufactures a high-performance communications package that interfaces separate communication subsystems into a cost-effective and comprehensive network. Educational communication systems, specifically designed for school applications, include unique features that are used in the daily operation of educational facilities.

Utilizing an easy-to-use desktop instrument, communication between administrative staff and classrooms is quickly established.
Teachers can quickly initiate a call to the office in the event of an urgent situation in a classroom with a single touch of button.
Telecor II and XL systems employ microprocessor based technology to establish direct communication between any remote station and desktop instrument.

Prewire or Network

Custom Features at Special Pricing – from a Dependable Provider. Providing high-end and production home builders the ability to expand their custom features at special pricing, AVS Special Systems’s New Home Construction Solutions include wiring for advanced home security, and high-end home automation.

From complete home network wiring, including future wireless access points, AVS Special Systems helps builders stay ahead of the technology curve and adds value to the construction process. AVS Special Systems New Home Construction Solutions provide: A dedicated builder team and proven track record. A profit center opportunity Automation and remote control of locks, lights, thermostats and more. Premium audio components: Proficient, Episode, Sonos, Russound, Bose and NuVo. Cellular backup and discounted monitoring rates for home buyers. Free security equipment, including cameras and locks for model homes.

Prewire Network

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